Magnesium Flakes - Unscented

$19.00 AUD

Image of Magnesium Flakes - Unscented

Working out too hard, Stressed from the daily grind or in need of a detox?
Aches, Pains and Stress BE GONE!
Here to the RESCUE IS our MAGNESIUM FLAKES which are highly soluble in water, perfect for a Foot Spa or a Bath, helping you easily get the full benefits of this enriched compound.

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride;
A compound long valued for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits; it has been used to help treat all types of ailments for thousands of years.

Magnesium is know to help soothe cramps, muscle pain, arthritis, joint aches, PMS, constipation, skin conditions, anxiety, headaches, and more... and Chloride, is good for blood pressure and the digestive system.

SIZE: 250g
SCENT: Unscented


Image of Magnesium Flakes - Unscented