Activated Charcoal - Multi-use

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When it comes to ACTIVATED CHARCOAL there is no grey area, just simple BLACK & WHITE.
This all purpose BLACK powder can help achieve that perfect smile. Use at least twice weekly for pearly WHITE teeth and bonus, fresh breath! thanks to its ANTIBACTERIAL properties as well as ANTI-INFLAMMATORY for healthy gums.

From 100% Natural Coconut Shells, formulated to help eliminate toxins from the body, especially liver cleansing; can be used as a digestive, i.e. bloating, nausea, heart burn, hang over; also helps assist with skin irritations, cold sores, ulcers, acne, bites and stings. Known to help with eye infections, candida, cuts and infections;
as well as many other wonderful benefits like, purify water and neutralise odours.

Size: 25g
Scent: Unscented


Image of Activated Charcoal - Multi-use Image of Activated Charcoal - Multi-use